Covid-19 prevention procedures


  • Our vehicles will be held to rigorous new cleaning standards, which will include UVC germicidal light and the AMBUstat decontamination system, a technology designed by NASA and recognized by the CDC and other government agencies as effective against SARS-CoV-2 the precursor virus to COVID-19.
  • Truck cabs will receive a deep cleaning and disinfection after every rental.


  • A combination of recognized antiviral disinfectant cleaners, wipes, and UVC germicidal light will be used to sanitize all items.
  • In order to keep our facility as decontaminated as possible, we will be offering curbside equipment pickup/drop-off.


  • Our staff will be trained on PERG, CDC, state and local health protocol.
  • Our staff will always wear masks and engage in social distancing. Staff will wear gloves when appropriate and engage in a rigorous hand sanitizing protocol to avoid cross-contamination
  • Our warehouse will be equipped with hand sanitation stations at the entrance, and throughout the floor, with identifying signage.
  • We will be regularly reviewing and revising our protocols and policies as guided by developing health policies and new science-backed information regarding effectiveness safety to all people involved.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.