LED Lighting


Astera AX-1 Kit (8x tubes)
Astera AX-3 Kit (8x lights)
Astera Titan Kit (8x tubes)
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C
ARRI SkyPanel S120-C
ARRI SkyPanel S60-C
ARRI SkyPanel S30-C
Barger 3×4 20 Lite LED
Chauvet EZPar 64 RGBA
Cineo Matchstix/Matchbox Kit
Cineo TruColor HS
City Theatrical ColorBlast 12
Dedolight DLED10
Dedolight DLED9
Dedolight DLED7

Dracast S- Series LED500 Bi-Color 3 Light Kit
Dracast LED500 Pro Bi-Color 3 Light Kit
Fiilex 301 3-Light P360 Kit
Fiilex Q8 Travel Bi-Color LED Fresnel
Kino Flo Select 20 
Kino Flo Select 30 
Kino Flo Celeb 200
F&V HDR-300 LED Ring Light
Litegear Litemat Plus 1
Litegear Litemat Plus 2
Litegear Litemat Plus 2L
Litegear Litemat Plus 4
Litegear Litemat Plus 8
Litegear LiteRibbon Kit

Litepanels Astra 1×1 Bi-Color Panel
Litepanels Gemini 1×1
Litepanels Gemini 2×1
Litepanels Sola ENG 3″
Litepanels LED Brick Kit
Quasar Science Q-LED Crossfade Tubes
Quasar Science Q-LED Rainbow Tubes
Quasar Scien
ce Q-LION 3×1 LED Kit
Sumolight Sumo100
Velvet EVO 2
Velvet Light 1
Velvet Light 2
Velvet Mini
Velvet Power 2×2
Wescott Ice Light Kit

Just ask, we are happy to source equipment from the bay area and beyond.

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