By Bay Area demand, we now carry a large selection of professional photography equipment!

Including Profoto Pro-11 Packs, Profoto Flash Heads, Profoto B1, B1x, and B10 battery powered flash kits. Pair your light rental with any of our modifiers like the Profoto Magnum reflector, TeleZoom, Beauty Dish, RFI Softbox Octa, Elinchrom Octabox, Chimera Super Pro Plus and Strip Softboxes, and much more.

Send us an email to book our industry standard equipment for your next photoshoot!


Profoto Pro-11 Pack
Profoto Pro-10 Pack
Profoto Prohead Plus 500W
Profoto Protwin Head 500W
Profoto B1X 500 Air TTL Monolight
Profoto B1 500 Air TTL Monolight
Profoto B10 Plus
Profoto Air Sync Remote
Profoto Canon Air Remote
Profoto Nikon Air Remote

Pocketwizard Plus III
Scrim Jim Cine Kits
Chimera Super Pro Plus – all sizes
Chimera Super Pro Plus Strip – all sizes
Profoto RFI Octabank – 3’ and 5’
Elinchrom Octabox – all sizes
Profoto Magnum Reflector
Profoto Telezoom Reflector
Profoto Beauty Dish
Profoto Narrowbeam Reflector

Profoto Zoom Reflector
Photek Umbrella – all sizes
Westcott Umbrella – all sizes
Profoto Hardbox
Profoto Fresnel Spot

Just ask! We’re always updating our inventory.